I don’t know if it is because I’m from Finland but I must say my blood just drags me to the beautiful forests that surround the Bielefeld area. We have made this forest searching a family hobby and try to get out there as often as possible.

The forests, Puck tree I believe? are just amazing. They are tall like Gothic Cathedrals and have not much under growth. This makes it amazing for the kids to move around and play princesses, or treasure hunters (we have found a deer antler so far). Another major difference to a Finnish forest is the lack of mosquitoes and elk flies, and this really is a bonus! You can so easily have a picnic in the forest.

Unfortunately I can’t even tell you where these forests are as I don’t pay attention to the actual location, they are everywhere and you are allowed to park at the side of the road and roam around unless there is a private sign. We go towards Werther I think, but I advice you just to explore and see where looks nice and where the sun is at that particular time of the day.

We have always travelled by the car, many people cycle. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get to the forests by the public transport. Anybody any ideas?