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As trailing spouses, we know what it’s like to arrive in Germany with little time to prepare and sometimes even zero knowledge of the language. To help, we’ve created this blog as a resource for all newcomers to Bielefeld. Though we are all learning German in one way or another, the working language of our group is English; to that end, we try to compile resources that are especially helpful for both foreign spouses and English-speakers. Often, we simply share recommendations and tips about places that we enjoy in the area. These may just be places where we’ve had good experiences, such as a local café, or they may also be places where English is spoken, such as doctor’s offices or other service providers. This isn’t intended to be an all-inclusive guide to Bielefeld; rather, we want to highlight what the “official” guides may miss, and put a special emphasis on what’s useful for a new foreigner to know. If you know of something great that we don’t have here, please leave us a comment! You can also send us an email to trailing.spouses (@) gmail.com

Sparrenburg Castle

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On this blog, we like to highlight things that newcomers might not know about Bielefeld. However, we shouldn’t neglect the obvious! And so, here are some photos from a recent trip to Bielefeld’s biggest attraction: Sparrenburg Castle.


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It was very cold but actually sunny, despite the fact that it was February. It’s a beautiful site and even a popular sunbathing spot during the warmer months – I’ve seen crowds of people lying on the grass during a rare warm weekend in October. Despite the temperature, it was a nice time to visit. There were only a few other people there, so it was quiet and empty, making it easier to admire the sheer size of the stone structure (such as in the last photo). Between April and October you can pay a small fee to climb to the top of the tower and take in more of the surrounding area. It’s also home to a medieval festival over the summer.

New Trailing Spouses

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Recently we have been getting a fair number of inquiries from new people coming to Bielefeld asking if it was possible to join ‘Trailing Spouses’. The answer is yes, please do get in contact with us, trailing.spouses@googlemail.com and we will tell you more about us and about our activities.

Although we are a contemporary art group, (we are interested in creativity and investigation of ourselves through self expression), we are most definitely not traditionally ‘artistic’. Many new people have been wondering about this fact, so we wanted to make clear that you needn’t worry about your drawing skills :=). An open mind and an interest in self discovery through creative means is all you need to feel at home with us.

So, to all the new spouses who have just arrived in Bielefeld and will be arriving in the next few months we wish you all a good start here and remember there is a place for you to meet people in a similar life situation.

All the Best,

Piia and Rachel