How to get your own table at the monthly Siegfriedplatz flea market


On the last Saturday of every month, the always-popular Siegfriedplatz hosts their own flea market.  This time of year many of us are going through transitions, whether they be moving (as I am) or simply doing some thorough spring cleaning.  If you want to participate in the Siegfriedplatz flea market, you will need to engage in some German preplanning a month ahead, but the process is streamlined so even the non-German speakers should not have a problem.  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Address a return envelope with a stamp and your home address.  Do not seal the envelope.

2. You have the option to either pay 15 euros, or to bring a cake + 5 euros.  On the back of your envelope, write either “Geld” (15 euros), or “Kuchen” (cake + 5 euros).

3. Put your envelope in the letterbox at the entrance door to the Siegfriedplatz.  You MUST do this on the 1st of the month in which you want to participate, between 08:00 and 20:00 (don’t take your chances doing it outside of these times- we all know about German punctuality).  For example, you must submit your envelope this Wednesday, May 1st, in order to participate in the flohmarkt on May 25th.

If you do everything correctly you will receive your envelope in the mail with an invitation for the flohmarkt, and all the information you need to know.  If anyone has one of these invitations that they can post and translate, that would be great!

One more thing- I’ve noticed at flea markets here that people rarely put prices on their items, and you must ask the seller how much things cost.  If you have trouble communicating in German, consider just putting a price sticker on everything.

Happy spring cleaning!

Special thanks to Dagmar Linnhof for explaining this whole process to me. More

Flea Market Alert !! :)


The first date of 2013 for the Klosterplatz flea market is tomorrow (Saturday, April 20th) from 8:00 to 13:00.  This is one of my favorite markets, and if the weather is nice there should be a lot of good stuff to sift through!  It runs once a month, usually the third Saturday and is open to anyone who wants to set up a booth.  It costs 15euros for a place and I would suggest getting there early to get a good spot and get set up for the early trollers 🙂

Klosterplatz is located in the Altstadt in the plaza behind Verve and next to the Catholic church.  You can also get to it through the little tunnel arch directly across from Nahkauf and Knigge.  Here is a link with all of the dates for 2013 and a little map:


Insider tip II: Give away / Swap website in Bielefeld


Here is a very good place to look for furniture (among other things) for free.  People post an article they are willing to either give away or swap (usually for a crate of beer or some washing powder).



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I visit the big square at Siegfriedplatz often as it’s a central part of my neighbourhood. There is a big open air market on Wednesday and Friday mornings selling all sorts of veggies, fruit, cheese, meats, breads, flowers etc. I have also been told the fish and chips stall is great for a quick snack. On the last Saturday of each month from March – October there is a second hand market in the afternoon. There are also other special markets that visit for example a great fabric / cloth market in the spring. Lectures, films and discussions happen in the big yellow building and rooms are available to rent for group meetings at very cheap rates.


second hand kids clothes & toys

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Kinderflohmarkts are great places for second hand clothes and toys, held at kitas around Bielefeld. To find out when and where they are online
http://www.facebook.com/l/BAQGH1nvSAQE5o6lOjS8uiKWmzAs3vYwZVLuubOGACTdCyQ/www.lz-veranstaltungen.de/ Just put in *Rubrik* :Flohmarkt and in PLZ/Stadt: Bielefeld  Or look on the notice boards at local supermarkets.

There are two second hand shops

Second Hand for Kidshttp://www.2hand4kids.de/

Liebeskind – Arndtstrasse 52

craft and knitting supplies

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Sam’s knitting supplies recommendations
Fast online delivery, though she is Bielefeld-based and offers pick-up as an option. More variety in brands than a lot of the “brick and mortar” knitting shops I’ve seen. Speaks English.

Cute store in the Altstadt. Owner doesn’t speak English but is very friendly.

Piia’s creative supplies recommendations

Idee creative markt http://www.idee-shop.de

Müller http://www.mueller.de