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Looking for something to do on a weekend morning? Food may be a good option, especially if it’s a Sunday. We recently tried a great place for brunch (the Kachelhaus), so I wanted to share and see what other places we could gather for yummy brunch suggestions.

Kachelhaus¬†– the Sonntagsbrunch Buffet is 15 euros, and it’s open until 3. You can also order individual dishes from the menu. The interior is really spacious and it didn’t get too loud, even though there were a fair number of customers there. My cappuccino was delicious, and we got a free plate of eggs – we’re still not sure why we got them, but they were really good!

Cafe Berlin – We like going here for both meals and drinks with friends, since the waitstaff are so nice. Many speak some English if you need help understanding the menu. We had one waitress who went out of her way to help us figure out what kind of eggs our friend was ordering – phrases like “sunny side up/Speigelei” are a good example of things that you don’t know that you don’t know until you’re in the moment where you need to know them ūüôā The website is currently down as of this posting, but they are located near Siegfriedplatz. I’m not sure if there is ever a brunch buffet or if they are open on Sundays, but they serve breakfast until 4. The menu includes “English breakfast,” bagel sandwiches and traditional German bread + meat + spreads.

Mellow Gold – no buffet, but breakfast served at the table. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Alex Brasserie – has both breakfast and brunch buffets. Two locations in Bielefeld – one across from the Rathaus and one in the Altstadt.

Bernstein¬†(website plays music)¬†– I haven’t eaten here, but many people have recommended it. Sunday brunch is open from 10-2:30. It’s 17 euros and includes a glass of Prosecco. It’s located in the same building as the SportSheck in Jahnplatz.

Milestones¬†– Again, I have not yet had the Milestones brunch, but I’ve heard it’s great. It’s also a great place for drinks and dinner, especially during the summer months when you can eat outside.

What other places offer a good breakfast or brunch buffet?


Restaurants and bars

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After writing about the coffee places in Bielefeld, here is a non-exhaustive list of the restaurants and bars my husband and I enjoy going to:

  • Milestones¬†changes its menu daily and has a great selection of drinks. I have never tried out their brunch but everyone tells me it is worth checking out. In the summer you can sit in the Biergarten, which is nice even if the road is a little bit too noisy for me. But the best in Milestones are the waiters/waitresses. They are super friendly and will speak to you in English. If you have a late-late night there, they’ll keep the place open for you and/or start to tidy up while you can still have drinks.

  • The¬†Irish Pub¬†is a great place to hang out. On Monday night, it’s¬†quiz night (in German and English). I have only been once but it was fun. Make sure to come with a group of 4 or + people. Some groups seemed to be coming regularly to this quiz night and are pretty good. You can also order pizza but that’s all there is to eat and it is not specially great. But it is nice to have some Irish beers from time to time :-).
  • Verve¬†makes very good burgers. They also stay open pretty late. In the winter the place tends to be a little bit cold or at least that is my impression, so I always made sure to have an extra jacket with me.

  • Brauhaus¬†serves typical dishes from Southern Germany and brews its own beers. In the summer, they have the best Biergarten in Bielefeld. Among their own brews, my¬†favorite is Messing. I usually order the Schnitzel J√§gerart. The staff is friendly enough. You don’t need to make a reservation when coming for dinner as the place is huge. However, without fail the waitress responsible for seating you will make a troubled face and ask you to wait while she checks for a free table¬†(Halllooo there are 5 empty tables just in front of us ūüėČ ). It has become some kind of a joke with my friends. Still, I would recommend to make a reservation if you are with a big group (8 or more people).
  • Gl√ľck und Seligkeit¬†is trendier than the places mentioned above. It consists of two parts. The main lobby is a bar/restaurant with a fair choice of foods and some awesome cocktails. Upstairs they have a gastronomical restaurant that my husband and I tried for our wedding¬†anniversary. In my opinion it wasn’t really good, especially the service.
  • Bernstein¬†is located on the rooftop of one of the buildings near Jahnplatz. It has a unique view of Bielefeld and surroundings, especially in the summer when the terrace is open. It is a little bit pricey and the food selection isn’t much except for the brunch (available daily) where they have a large buffet of warm and cold dishes.

  • Der Koch¬†is ideally located at Siegfriedplatz. The place doesn’t look very big when you enter but there are two additional rooms in the back so you will always find a table. ¬†They have a quite good choice of ¬†traditional German dishes. For example, in the winter they offer Gr√ľnkohl with sausages from Northern Germany and Rouladen. These 2 dishes can also be found at the Brauhaus but they are far tastier at Der Koch. But my favorite winter dish is the Sesamkn√∂del with chanterelle. Sooooo goood you would wish winter to last more than the average eight months we have in Bielefeld!!
  • Can Ocakbasi¬†is in my opinion the best kebab place in Bielefeld. All the products are really fresh and you can have turkish tee for free. They also have a¬†wide range of other dishes. I haven’t tried them yet but what I saw ordered by other customers looked very yummy!

  • Argentina Steakhouse¬†makes very good… Argentinian steaks. This is clearly not a place to be vegeterian ūüėČ but if you enjoy your piece of meat then it is really a nice treat. Be careful to either come a little bit late or to make a reservation on weekends.
  • Kado Sushi¬†is THE sushi place in Bielefeld. Sushi is good and the restaurant itself is really lovely. But it is always packed so you have to make a reservation. If you are going with a group of four or more people you might want to book it as early as 1-to-2 weeks in advance. I know as I once tried to book a table for four two days in advance and the next available spot was two weeks from then. A good value for money is to take one of the bentos (a wide selection of sushi served on one plate). You should also try the hot sake. All the bentos come with a miso soup.

  • Bombay,¬†situated near the train station, is the best Indian restaurant in Bielefeld. I specially¬†like the chicken tikka masalah. The owner is very friendly and the service is good if not very fast. They also do home¬†delivery¬†but a friend told me he once waited almost 2 hours to get his order so I would recommend that you’d rather go dine directly there!
  • NichtSchwimmer is located near the Kado Sushi and the Mocca Klatsch (See¬†article¬†on coffee places). It is worth mentioning as it offers great pizzas with real¬†mozzarella¬†(most Italian restaurants in Germany replace the¬†mozzarella¬†with gouda). The¬†terrace¬†on the square in front of the restaurant is really nice in the summer.

There are plenty of other great places to dine out with your friends or family in Bielefeld. For the past year a lot of new places have opened that I haven’t been to. This is the force of habits that we always visit the same places!

Anyway I hope, you enjoyed reading about this and:

Bon appétit!


Andrea’s favourite places to eat

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-Milestones: arty
-RatsCafe: Nice view, delicious waffles
-Bernstein Café
-Knigge; a classic and everything is delicious
-Thalia Café: View of the City and its Janhplatz. You can shop books.
Cafe Casa
Pubs – Bunker Ulmenwall

Rachel’s favourite kid friendly places to eat

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Glueckundseligkeit – A converted church with a fun modern atmosphere. There is a kids playroom, outdoor playground and they give out colouring paper and crayons.
Nichtschwimmer –¬† Modern. Nice outdoor eating area. Also has a kids playroom
Bultmanshof – Old farmhouse with a modern interior, has nice outdoor seating area overlooking a pond and park. Has a good sandpit & toys outside and an indoors playroom.


Cafe milestones – good brunch place, most reminds me of the brunch places in the US.
Bauernhause Museum – has a selection of great cakes and a nice outdoors seating area, sandpit for the kids and you don‚Äôt need to pay admission if you’re only visiting the cafe.