Today marks the start of the Christmas season for us here in Finland. A bit of decorating, cookies, and mostly Christmas music and Glögi ( a type of  Glühwein Nordic style). All this got me thinking about Bielefeld and the great German Christmas markets.

What I love about the Christmas markets in Germany is that everybody goes, every evening, by the looks of it. Christmas market is not only a place to  purchase  presents and crafts, but a place to meet up with friends. And drink and eat. It is so easy to eat out as there is lots of choice and it’s fairly cheap as well.

We had three Christmases in Bielefeld and had a bit of a tradition budding. A night at the market with the kids and friends, meeting place ‘the talking elk’s head’ near the church at the Altstadt. Be warned, the place is FULL!

On the drinks front my favourite is the  very sweet and strong Feuerzangenbowle which is made of rum-soaked sugar-loaf  and mulled wine. It’s just the best thing in a really freezing winter night, bearing in mind that it is strong! And sweet. Well worth the try though.

I also visited the Berlin Christmas markets one year with my sister. That was great, as we navigated through Berlin following various markets refueling in each of them 🙂 Curiously I don’t remember feeling cold once on that trip although it was very tough winter in Germany apparently.