Germans love meeting in groups to discuss their favourite hobbies, sport, anything really. They often meet in pubs at a regular table, hence the name Stammtisch.  When I first came to Bielefeld I hardly knew any English speakers and I was at home all day with my son so longed for people to talk to. I heard about the English Stammtisch through the university which has been meeting regularly for over 30 years. Originally a group of students, now a small group of professionals, mostly German, who enjoy meeting to talk in English. Conversation ranges from literature, politics, culture, just about anything. They are very welcoming to newcomers and love having new people come along. I found the group to be a great support when I first moved here and happy to explain German culture to me and advice on Bielefeld.

The English Stammtisch meets at 8.30 pm  7.30 pm (thanks Margarete for pointing out the time change) every Friday at the Augustus Pub,  August-Bebel-Strasse 47. If the weather is warm they sit outside at the back. You can also ask the owner where to find them.

The Augustus Pub is also a great pub to visit anytime. It has a nice laid back authentic feel and I hear nothing has really changed in 30 years, except for the local artwork on the walls, ( so beware the chairs have been know to fall apart under you).

UPDATE: Augustus Pub has since closed and so the Stammtisch has been moving around. They are currently meeting at CORNER Mühlenstraße 2 . You can check their website here for further details and up-t0-date info.