Finnish Christmas Bazaar


Should you want to have a taste of a  Nordic Christmas, do join us for the Finnish Christmas Bazaar. The address and times are on the flyer. The easiest way to get there is to take the Strassen Bahn 3 to Babenhausen Sud, get off at the last stop and walk  5 min to the venue.

We offer hand made crafts, some Finnish design, books, etc. There is a cafe with all home made goodies, including of course salmon soup.


Quick insider tip: M Kaffee

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As mentioned in another post I am a big fan of M Kaffee.

And even if I have been there a lot the past year, I only discovered a few week ago that if you become a fan of their Facebook page, you will get promotion offers for different drinks as below (on Sept. 04):


Coffee time in Bielefeld


There are a lot of place you can go in Bielefeld to have a coffee and a chit chat with friends. Here a few coffee places among my favorites:

  • M Kaffee in the Altstadt has a great selection of coffee and tee and also some very yummy snacks. I usually order a Milchkaffee or a Tiger Chai Tee. I spend a lot of time there because they have wifi and well-placed power sockets. Also for the price of a coffee (2.70 € for a small one) I can spend as long as I want checking my emails, browsing the net or working on my personal projects. You need a password to access the wifi, which can be found at the counter (on the left side of the cashier).

  • Mocca Klatsch up near the Bahnhofstr. is a very nice alternative for a coffee place with wifi. They also have delicious breakfasts and the owner is really friendly. One of my friends once didn’t have enough cash to pay for his dinner (this is also a restaurant/bar in the evening) and told the owner he would just run to the ATM and come back to pay. The owner told him not to worry about it and to pay whenever he comes back :-).

  • Starbucks near Jahnplatz: I use it on Sunday morning f I want to be out of my place to work on my laptop because M Kaffee doesn’t open before 1pm on Sunday and Mocca Klatsch is too busy with people going for brunch.
  • Puro Coffee can also be found at Jahnplatz. It has no wifi but the coffee is very good.


Forest and Siggies

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Inspired by Sam’s description of the ‘hobbit village’ in her post on Nordic walking trails, we went to investigate further. At the top of the steep path, leading up from Burger Park to the woods, we took a right onto a small road Sieben Hügel. We strolled along enjoying the forest on one side and great views across Bielefeld on the other. Sure enough we came across the little gardens and their cute garden sheds. They are what we would call allotments in England. Although in England they are used mainly for growing vegetable and here they are planted with flowers and the sheds are much bigger, almost tiny houses. They enjoy an amazing view across Bielefeld. We keep walking until we reached the café Gartenlokal Sieben Hügel (there’s a small sign), it’s an eclectic old fashioned place and easily reached from the forest too if you were hiking by. There is no set menu – the owner cooks whatever she feels like on the day. It’s a rather magical setting alongside the ‘hobbit village’. Thanks Sam for sharing your adventure and inspiring us to visit too!

Der Koch is a cozy place to eat in the winter but in the summer the action moves outside to the Super Tram. Tables appear in the square and it’s a great place to get a drink or dinner on a warm evening.  I love the sense of space and the fun atmosphere of Siegfriedplatz in these warmer summer months. Also the back room of Der Koch turns into an Eis cafe with delicious ice cream.



Catherine’s favourite eats



just a small selection of the incredible cakes on offer at Cafe Passon (now Cafe Gutzeit as of July 2012)

Bielefeld is small enough to feel like one borough in another major city. Nevertheless, it still has distinctive areas with their own particular character.  Being the particular nook of Bielefeld where I live, I would like to put my favourite Eateries on the map located in the East of the city, as well as the centre.

Favourite Eats in the East

Garten Eis Cafe – a family run business serving homemade creations such as the “Bielefella” – a yoghurt ice cream with crocant and liquid chocolate . Relax in their courtyard garden complete with sandpit, goldfish pond and beach chair.  They have also installed a canopy, so don’t let a bit of Bielefeld rain put you off getting your fix.

Café Passon  – Run by mother and daughter team, you’ll be pinching yourself believing you must be in a dream because surely cake cannot taste this good. And the news gets better, they only use vegetable based gelatine in their cakes. Update: Sold in July 2012 to a former trainee, and now called Cafe Gutzeit. Here’s hoping the cakes stay just as good.

Zum Siekerfelde – This pub is on Ehlentruper Weg, just behind the City hospital. It reminds me of pubs in England, as it attracts a mixture of customers. There is a great beer garden with a playground, so it is perfect for eating out with kids. You can get good pizza here and it is not too expensive.

My faves in the City Centre

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht

A good place to bring the in-laws. Located in the historic centre, it specialises in home brewed beer and Fassbrause. Serves down to earth German meaty menu with food like schnitzels and steaks. Has some vegetarian options, though. A large beer garden and spacious restaurant.


This is an interesting café around the corner from Brauhaus offering home-made ice cream (including vegan) and soups, all using organic ingredients.  As far as I know, not licensed, but Fair Trade coffees and teas and soft drinks.  Thirty percent of profits are donated to social and environmental projects. There are exhibitions and regular events, such as yoga for kids. Self-service, you weigh the ice cream, and pay per bowl for soups.  Staff very friendly.

Cafe Casa

Just around the corner from Karstadt, this is a nice place to go if you are in town. Special offers at lunch-time, and a very nice courtyard garden with a Mediterranean flair.

Restaurant Café Karstadt Bielefeld

I am going to fess up here, and admit I love eating with all the old grannies and grandpas in Karstadt restaurant. Though I don’t want to think about what they put in those sauces to give them that special gloopy texture, I always find myself back there.  My son once raised a few eyebrows from staff when he asked for vegetables with his kids’ meal.


Ice cream without the e numbers?

Refreshment in the woods

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When the sun comes out in Bielefeld, we love to eat outdoors. We found this cafe last year up on the walking trails around Schwedenschanze ‘Sweden Hills’. A lovely view of rolling fields and forest from their balcony terrace and they serve light meals and refreshments. A nice end to a hike, or just come for the view and to relax.




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I visit the big square at Siegfriedplatz often as it’s a central part of my neighbourhood. There is a big open air market on Wednesday and Friday mornings selling all sorts of veggies, fruit, cheese, meats, breads, flowers etc. I have also been told the fish and chips stall is great for a quick snack. On the last Saturday of each month from March – October there is a second hand market in the afternoon. There are also other special markets that visit for example a great fabric / cloth market in the spring. Lectures, films and discussions happen in the big yellow building and rooms are available to rent for group meetings at very cheap rates.


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