Bioland Hofladen & online delivery


For people looking for local bio / organic produce, Kirstin recommended Bio Hof Gut Wilhelmsdorf.  They have an on-line shopping and delivery service where you can shop for regionally sourced fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat as well as many other bio items.  Or you can choose a box where they preselect the ingredients for you. The menus change each week and they offer around 6 difference choices to cook at home, as well as the usual fruit & veg boxes (they are all under ‘Sortiments – – Koch – Kisten’, first item on the online shopping menu)  They also have a farm shop you can visit, along with cafe and kids playground.



Bio-land Hofladen

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Eleni gave me a recommendation for a good bio farm shop at the last welcome center International spouses and partners coffee morning.

Der Köckerhof – Babenhauser Straße 3033619 Bielefeld

Di. bis Fr.: 9 – 19 Uhr
Samstag: 9 – 14 Uhr

They have also turned a circus wagon into cafe