Coffee outside in the sun is also an option….

I admit I am not a big fan of cake.  When given the choice between ice cream and cake, or cake and luscious blueberry crumble, I will pick the crumble or ice cream every time!  However, there is one type of cake that makes me weak in the knees…so much so that Dear Husband (aka DH) and I made it our wedding cake back in the states.  I am, of course, talking about carrot cake.

In all its incarnations, I am a fan.  I like it with pineapple, I like it with nuts, I especially like it with cream cheese frosting.  And to my surprise, a sweet little café opened with a wonderful selection for cake lovers, as well as my favorite for me.

When you walk in to Koffie met Gebak, the homey atmosphere is apparent.  Cozy chairs, fresh cut flowers and sunshine streaming through the windows, all lend itself to a lazy afternoon drinking cappuccinos and trying a few choice desserts while chatting with a friend.

They serve some savory items like ciabatta with salami and cheese or soup, but the real reason to come is for the thick foamy cappuccinos (My sugar was still sitting on the foam 5 minutes later…now that is some good thick foam!) and the delicious carrot cake. Just look at it!!!


Rüblitorte, which roughly translates to turnip cake which I guess is in reference to the grated carrots, is every bit as good here as it is back home.  So moist and with hints of ginger and other spices and big pieces of walnut.  Mmmmmmm Heaven!

Okay I will stop gushing now.  But seriously, I am so happy to have found this little piece of home. Even after 7 years here, there are still some things I really miss and this is something that can bring me back to my childhood, flood me with feelings of love and family, and make me feel at home, even in a very foreign place.  It also just tastes really good!