Guided hikes and bike tours


Spring starts and Sportbund Bielefeld (office on August-Bebel-Strasse near Pauluskirche and Kesselbrink, bus 27) offers guided walks,
bicycle tours and hikes in and around Bielefeld starting March 12th.
There are walks every 2nd and 4th Tuesday a month, starting a 2 p.m. until roundabout 4.30 p.m. at costs of 5 Euros (or 45 Euros
for all 10). They start at different tram stops around Bielefeld, the first one starts from “Lohmannshof” tram stop (line 4).
You should bring decent footwear, weatherproof clothes and something to eat or drink.
Page 17 of their  brochure has all the details or see:
Some sunday tours are aimed at families with children (see “Sommerwanderungen”, others focus on the Teutoburger forest and the beginning
“Bärlauch” (wild garlic) season.See their brochure (page 14-25)
You need to register as there are minimum (8-10) and maximum (20-24) numbers of participants.

Sunday Walks

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I first started this post in the autumn when the leaves were changing so this could be a suggestion for a winter walk, or save it for the spring.

We were driving by the Japanese Garden in October and stopped to take a look. It’s a very pretty  spot for some meditative peace and quiet. The idea is you can rest on the benches and admire the garden but you are not allowed to walk in it.

However it is right next to a large hotel and it’s also tiny  (I was expecting something a bit bigger). The location is beautiful though and you have nice views of the wooded hills from the garden behind the hotel pub where you can also get a drink.

We then carried on to one of our favourite Sunday walks, along the  Promenade (following the Hermannsweg) from the Sparrenburg Castle with good views of Bielefeld. Our first stop is the playground, after which look for a small path on the right going down with a sign to Freudental Restaurant. They have good cakes and a pretty biergarten in the summer, with  bobby cars for the kids to ride on. There’s also a small playground right next door.

This is also the start of the meadows – lots of open space with walking paths (where all the dogwalkers seem to end up) and a nice change from walking in the woods.

Happy walking!



Forest and Siggies

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Inspired by Sam’s description of the ‘hobbit village’ in her post on Nordic walking trails, we went to investigate further. At the top of the steep path, leading up from Burger Park to the woods, we took a right onto a small road Sieben Hügel. We strolled along enjoying the forest on one side and great views across Bielefeld on the other. Sure enough we came across the little gardens and their cute garden sheds. They are what we would call allotments in England. Although in England they are used mainly for growing vegetable and here they are planted with flowers and the sheds are much bigger, almost tiny houses. They enjoy an amazing view across Bielefeld. We keep walking until we reached the café Gartenlokal Sieben Hügel (there’s a small sign), it’s an eclectic old fashioned place and easily reached from the forest too if you were hiking by. There is no set menu – the owner cooks whatever she feels like on the day. It’s a rather magical setting alongside the ‘hobbit village’. Thanks Sam for sharing your adventure and inspiring us to visit too!

Der Koch is a cozy place to eat in the winter but in the summer the action moves outside to the Super Tram. Tables appear in the square and it’s a great place to get a drink or dinner on a warm evening.  I love the sense of space and the fun atmosphere of Siegfriedplatz in these warmer summer months. Also the back room of Der Koch turns into an Eis cafe with delicious ice cream.




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I don’t know if it is because I’m from Finland but I must say my blood just drags me to the beautiful forests that surround the Bielefeld area. We have made this forest searching a family hobby and try to get out there as often as possible.

The forests, Puck tree I believe? are just amazing. They are tall like Gothic Cathedrals and have not much under growth. This makes it amazing for the kids to move around and play princesses, or treasure hunters (we have found a deer antler so far). Another major difference to a Finnish forest is the lack of mosquitoes and elk flies, and this really is a bonus! You can so easily have a picnic in the forest.

Unfortunately I can’t even tell you where these forests are as I don’t pay attention to the actual location, they are everywhere and you are allowed to park at the side of the road and roam around unless there is a private sign. We go towards Werther I think, but I advice you just to explore and see where looks nice and where the sun is at that particular time of the day.

We have always travelled by the car, many people cycle. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get to the forests by the public transport. Anybody any ideas?


Andrea’s favourite outdoor places

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-Nonnenstein: beautiful to hike, and there is a gigant Marimba instrument, you can play it for hours!

-HuckerMoor: A lake, boats and lovely cafes
-Farmhouse Jazz Club: openair jamm sessions in Summer, laid back mood