Day trip

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Gräflicher Park, just beyond Paderborn, is a nice place for a day trip and to enjoy the autumn leaves.  The schloss is a spa hotel so not open to the general public, but for $5 euros you can walk around the park and admire the old buildings (the 5 euros includes $2.50 off your bill in the cafe).  The park is lovely and with pretty gardens around the back.  My kids enjoyed playing the with the giant chess set and there is a beautiful water sculpture.



There is a cafe for tea and cake, also a restaurant in the old stables which has good food although you may to wait awhile for it to arrive…






Nord Park

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Nord Park is a very pleasant place to visit in the summer and in the fall too.  It has a huge open lawn in the middle, lovely old trees, flower garden,  a pond, mini golf and a great children’s playground. The café is also a nice place to relax and admire the view or let the kids run around on the grass.


Upcoming September Events

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Just a quick note to let you know about a few upcoming events that I look forward to every year.

Event number one is this weekend is the Schildesche Stadtfest with one of my favorite fleamarkets of the year and Carnival with rides and games. The festival runs from Friday until Sunday and includes shows and concerts as well. The weather looks pretty good, so it should be fun. Just take the Line 1 to the end at Schildesche and follow the people going down the street. You will not be able to miss it.

Event number two is a special day sponsored by Bielefeld and Hereford called ohne auto mobil. On September 29 (Sunday), the entire 10 kms between Bielefeld and Hereford will be closed off from 10am to 6pm to autos for bicyclers, rollerbladers, walkers, etc. The last time they had this event was a few years ago and I can really recommend it. The length is not hilly and there are plenty of stops along the way for bathroom breaks and water. At the end in Hereford is a festival. Last time we biked to Hereford, had some lunch and then biked home, but of course if you have smaller kids, you can take the train home from Hereford. More information can be found here:


Autumn is in the air, but we can still have fun outside!! See you there!

Free outdoor events

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There are three free concerts at the Sparrenburg, Wednesdays on 8 p.m.
June 12th Manfred Maurenbrecher & band
July 10th Zélia Fonseca & band
August 21st: Sabrina Ascaciba & band
(In event of rain they move to Bunker Ulmenwall – tram stop Landgericht).

Nine free puppet theatre performances (by Teutoburger Puppenbühne ) outside the Meierhof cafe Tierpark Olderdissen on Saturdays at 4 p.m from 15th June to 1oth August (for about half an hour):

Thanks PollyEster for the tips!

Two Biking Tips

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We recently used a great online tool  for planning a bike trip. We went from the center of town to the Obersee using only bike paths. My husband downloaded it as an app on his mobile phone and guided us there with no problems. There are several language options to chose from including English and German.

PollyEster also has the following recommendations

The ADFC has just published a new map about bycicle tours and ideal routes for cyclists around Bielefeld funded by the state of North rhine Westfalia. It is  available at the Tourist information (tram stop Rathaus) or at the ADFC office on Stapenhorststrasse. If you want to email them you can do so in English, German, French or Italian. Alternatively, a multi-language tool is available here:

Forest adventure for kids under 5

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I received the following tip – TSVE (Sports Club) are organising every Tuesday morning (9-12) a forest excursion for little kids (2-5 years) and they look after them for you. If you are interested call Ms. Sobotta 0521-133131. TSVE also offer all sorts of classes for kids – gym, ballet etc and is worth checking out. Also adult classes too!

‘new in town’ Bike tour this Saturday

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The ADFC (office on Stapenhorststrasse near Bürgerpark/Oetkerhalle) offers bicycle tours for people that are new in town. The first of the season is on Saturday April 20  Ruhige ‘Neu in der Stadt’-Tour mit Einkehr Zu Schrotbrot und Platenkuchen  (Quiet “New in Town” tour with Refreshments – whole meal bread and buttercake,)
Starting at the Kunsthalle on Adenauerplatz, it costs 5 Euros to join and is free for ADFC members.

Quiet and easy tour with coffee break (average speed below 15 km/h) About 25 km ride.

Guides  Sabine Quermann, Tel. (0521) 17 00 23 and Axel Sorge, Tel. (0521) 5 25 14 34 und (0170) 8 18 14 34.

The destination is the South of Bielefeld –  Niemöllers Mühle in Quelle, the last workable watermill in Bielefeld which dates back to the 16th century. You will be able to watch how electricity is produced with water power and have a look at the exhibitions of regional artists and artisans.

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