Architecture Exhibit

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A last minute recommendation for this weekend from PollyEster at the Bielefelder Kunstverein. All exhibits and photos in this architecture exhibition are bilingual. Admission is free all Saturday and there is a bring-your-own picnic and bbq in the evening, drinks are on sale and there will be music:

Unsere Ausstellung »Neue Bescheidenheit. Architektur in Zeiten der Verknappung« läuft nur noch bis Sonntag.
Wer sie noch nicht gesehen hat muss sich also beeilen.

ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN /opening times :

FREITAG/FRIDAY, 19. JULI 2013, 15-19 UHR
SAMSTAG/SATURDAY 20. JULI 2013, 12-22 UHR (Ab 17 Uhr OPEN AIR BAR und ganztägig freier Eintritt in die Ausstellung)
SONNTAG/SUNDAY 21. JULI 2013, 12-19 Uhr (Um 17 Uhr letzte Führung mit dem künstlerischen Leiter Thomas Thiel)

DSC02870 (2) DSC02871 (2)


English Cinema


I think we’ve mentioned Lichtwerk Kino before , but it’s a nice cinema in Ravensburger Park and shows movies often on Sundays and Tuesdays in their native language. I noticed Before Midnight and the Great Gatsby are both playing at the moment. Check out their schedule to see when films are screened in OmU (native language with german subtitles).



Summer Events

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The English drama student group are performing Arthur Miller’s: The Crucible  from July 22nd – July 27th at 8 pm in Bielefeld University’s AudiMin. Admission is free.

Sunday 30th June

Neighbourhood festival at Siegfriedplatz – music, food, dancing and fun for everyone!

15:00 Tausch- und Trödelmarkt

15:00 Spielmobil für Kinder
15:30 Live-Musik »Valise Quintett«
Lindy Hop (in der Pause)

18:45 Live-Musik »Kristin Shey«
20:30 Live-Musik » SKArtist«

Saturday 3rd August

Children’s Fest also at Siegfriedplatz from 14 to 18 clock. Last year they had a puppet show, games, and the fire department let the kids climb into a real fire engine (huge hit with my sons!)

Free outdoor events

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There are three free concerts at the Sparrenburg, Wednesdays on 8 p.m.
June 12th Manfred Maurenbrecher & band
July 10th Zélia Fonseca & band
August 21st: Sabrina Ascaciba & band
(In event of rain they move to Bunker Ulmenwall – tram stop Landgericht).

Nine free puppet theatre performances (by Teutoburger Puppenbühne ) outside the Meierhof cafe Tierpark Olderdissen on Saturdays at 4 p.m from 15th June to 1oth August (for about half an hour):

Thanks PollyEster for the tips!

Bielefeld’s Museum Night is on Saturday!


April 27th is Nachtansichten, probably my favorite event in Bielefeld.

For a flat fee, you can enter all participating museums, art galleries and churches around town, which stay open until 1 a.m. Tickets cost 8.80€ in advance, and you can order them online or get them at the tourist office. Children up to 14 years old can enter for free.

Going to the Museum Night last year was a real eye-opener for me, both in terms of what Bielefeld has to offer and how much fun the town can be when the weather is nice and everyone is out enjoying it! Even if you get museum-ed out, there is food, music and a light display in the Altstadt. We went to 3 different museums last year and spent the rest of the time just walking around and enjoying the night.

Unplugged concerts in Bielefeld – Kneipenkult

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This year’s spring edition of the “Kneipenkult” series has concerts by local bands, who each chose a band to cover or a theme: John Mayer,
The velvet underground, 90ies Eurodance and David Guetta.
The bands have formed for just these concerts and don’t exist regularly. There are four concerts from Monday to Thursday in four different pubs.
The first week is over, this week they are at the Siekerfelde (a pub with great beer garden near the Stadtkrankenhaus), week 3 is at the “Heimat
und Hafen” on Stapenhorststrasse (a maritine themed smoker’s pub) and the last week at the Rockcafe in Neustädter Strasse (Altstadt, opposite
the Gravis  shop, near Galerie 61). All concerts start around 9 p.m., admission is free.

Renting movies from the University library

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The Bielefeld University library has a lot of DVDs available for patrons to rent, but you need to know how to get at them. You can’t go and browse the DVDs in person – you have to look up what you want and then bring your request to the desk (located in the ‘C’ section).

To find out what movies are on file, visit the online Katalog (http://katalog.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/cgi-bin/search.cgi?sprache=ENG&art=f). In the second field, select ‘call number’ and put in ‘na088.88’ (that’s a zero, not a letter ‘O’). If you just hit ‘search’ without adding any more information, you’ll come up with a list of every single DVD that the library owns, which is probably too extensive to be helpful. You can refine it by adding search terms to ‘all fields,’ such as “Hitchcock,” “Tarantino,” “Cary Grant” or “Pride and Prejudice.” It limits your options  to whatever you’re able to think of on your own (and then successfully find in stock), but we’ve watched some stuff that we wouldn’t have otherwise tried this way. If you’re stuck, you can check out a list like IMDB’s Top 250 for some search ideas.Anything we’ve rented that was originally in the English language was still in English, with the option for a German audio track.

Also, we have not had a DVD player in any of the apartments we’ve stayed in, but we bought one for 5 euros at the Saturday flea market. It’s a little noisy, but it hasn’t died on us yet, so I think  it’s a good option for short-term Bielefelders.

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