Cafe Kunstwerk

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We visited the new Café Kunstwerk above Café Knigge on Obernstraße in the Altstadt. It has an interesting shabby chic villa meets art deco style. There are good views from the big window across to the church opposite. They do cakes, smoothies and light dishes.  A cozy spot in the center of town to relax.




Bielefeld playgrounds map

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This is a useful interactive  map showing not only all the playgrounds in Bielefeld, but also sports & youth centers and other places for interest for kids.


short term accomodation

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We do a lot of travelling as a family and I find it much easier to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel. It’s often cheaper too and you have washing machine, kitchen etc to use. I have had good success with Airbnb where people can rent out a room or their whole home. I have used them all over the world, often renting from other families so my boys have toys and books to play with. There are a quite few options here in Bielefeld, so very useful if you have friends and family coming and they are looking for a place to stay. Or if you need a place short term.

Broadcasting License Fees

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This a very useful piece of information from Bielefeld University’s Welcome Center. You need to pay even if you don’t own a TV – internet, radio, smart phones count too! So basically no-one is exempt…

Broadcasting License Fees – Rundfunkbeiträge

Everyone who stays longer than three months in Germany must register and pay broadcasting license fees. You pay €17.98 per month for each household. This means that a flat-sharing community, family, or couple, only have to pay one charge per month.

Why do they collect fees for broadcasting?
The Broadcasting License Fees are a way of financing broadcasting stations subject to public law. The costs cover the usage of television, radio, computer, and smartphone. Since the fees are paid per household, it does not matter how many broadcasting devices are used by the members of a household.

Are there exceptions?
None, unless you are severely physically handicapped (deaf or blind).

How can I pay the fee?
You can get applications online or at city hall, Niederwall 23, 33597 Bielefeld. You will need a German bank account to make the payment via giro transfer or direct debit. Make sure to cancel your contract at least six weeks before you leave Germany in order to stop payments.

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Computer problems?

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I can recommend Second Hand Computer shop on Stapenhorststrasse 85. They spoke English, were very helpful and diagnosed my laptop problems (without charging me).

  Tel: 0521 1360160