One of my favourite ways to learn German is to listen to audio lessons while I do the cooking, laundry etc. I really like Michel Thomas‘ audio course, it’s a good supplement to a language school class (he does go quite fast). But he really helps build up your vocab and explains the German language in a clear way.

I have also started listening to Deutsche Welle Radio’s free online course which looks pretty good too and go up to B1 level. They have watching, listening and reading exercises and self tests.

There are lots of other on-line ways to learn German, especially the basics for example BBC or the Goethe-Institute offers free practise tests and exercises.

English Grammar for Students of German is my favourite grammar book, it explains everything in English terms first – I have no idea how the dative works for example in English, and then goes on to explain how it works in German. A very clear book and very useful in German class when I’m not really understanding the teacher. This is more of a companion book as in it explains the rules of grammar very clearly but doesn’t list verb tables etc.