English theatre group casting call

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A call for participants  for a new theatre group below. Thanks Despina and good luck with your project!

Hi all! I would like to let you know about a new theatre project that just started in Bielefeld University and might be of interest to your network:

Experimental Theatre Studio is a contemporary theatre group with a focus on creating original work. The participants receive actor’s training in English and they play in original experimental theatre productions.

Currently, we are looking for people for our new production “Short Stories, Big City” which will be performed as part of the University Theatre Festival in January 2014. If you are interested, feel free to drop by in one of our meetings. Next meeting: Wednesday, 23.10.2013 at 16.00 in Room CO2-235. We would be happy to welcome new members!

For more information and express of interest, please check:



Day trip

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Gräflicher Park, just beyond Paderborn, is a nice place for a day trip and to enjoy the autumn leaves.  The schloss is a spa hotel so not open to the general public, but for $5 euros you can walk around the park and admire the old buildings (the 5 euros includes $2.50 off your bill in the cafe).  The park is lovely and with pretty gardens around the back.  My kids enjoyed playing the with the giant chess set and there is a beautiful water sculpture.



There is a cafe for tea and cake, also a restaurant in the old stables which has good food although you may to wait awhile for it to arrive…