We visited Vapiano last weekend – part of an Italian style chain which has opened recently in the Altstadt. It’s a modern light and airy restaurant with high tables (and extra high highchairs!) as well as coffee table style seating. Upstairs is quieter and also has chalk boards on the back wall for kids to draw on, plus menus to decorate and books to read. There are fresh herbs everywhere for customers to season their own dishes. You are given a plastic card when you enter which you use to purchase food from the three main stations – pizza, pasta and salads. They cook most of the food right in front of you so you can specify the type of pasta, ingredients etc, (for the pizzas they give you a buzzer to alert you when it’s ready). My kids enjoyed watching their pasta being prepared and being able to say NO sauce please… The menu is pretty simple – pizza, pasta etc but I liked they had dinkel pasta too (spelt). They also do a takeout service if you’re on the run.