The first date of 2013 for the Klosterplatz flea market is tomorrow (Saturday, April 20th) from 8:00 to 13:00.  This is one of my favorite markets, and if the weather is nice there should be a lot of good stuff to sift through!  It runs once a month, usually the third Saturday and is open to anyone who wants to set up a booth.  It costs 15euros for a place and I would suggest getting there early to get a good spot and get set up for the early trollers 🙂

Klosterplatz is located in the Altstadt in the plaza behind Verve and next to the Catholic church.  You can also get to it through the little tunnel arch directly across from Nahkauf and Knigge.  Here is a link with all of the dates for 2013 and a little map:—Mitte