The ADFC (office on Stapenhorststrasse near Bürgerpark/Oetkerhalle) offers bicycle tours for people that are new in town. The first of the season is on Saturday April 20  Ruhige ‘Neu in der Stadt’-Tour mit Einkehr Zu Schrotbrot und Platenkuchen  (Quiet “New in Town” tour with Refreshments – whole meal bread and buttercake,)
Starting at the Kunsthalle on Adenauerplatz, it costs 5 Euros to join and is free for ADFC members.

Quiet and easy tour with coffee break (average speed below 15 km/h) About 25 km ride.

Guides  Sabine Quermann, Tel. (0521) 17 00 23 and Axel Sorge, Tel. (0521) 5 25 14 34 und (0170) 8 18 14 34.

The destination is the South of Bielefeld –  Niemöllers Mühle in Quelle, the last workable watermill in Bielefeld which dates back to the 16th century. You will be able to watch how electricity is produced with water power and have a look at the exhibitions of regional artists and artisans.