One thing I greatly miss here is being able to grab a healthy meal on the go or to take home. I pine for Wholefoods and Chipotle in the US or Waitrose, M&S,  and Pret A Manger in the UK. I can only eat so many ham and cheese sandwiches from the bakeries and the supermarkets  don’t have much in the way of unprocessed ready prepared food. I also loved the delivery / take out culture of the US on those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking.

So far I have discovered the following delis in the Altstadt– Klöetzer , on the expensive side but a good range of prepared food, salads and tasty (real ingredients) frozen meals. The bio supermarket Loewenzahn has a small deli counter with good quiche and spinach pies.  Near Siegfriedplatz, Strada No. 4 Siechenmarschstraße 4 is a cozy Mediterranean cafe with a deli counter full of fresh salads and tapas dishes (you may well end up staying for a glass of wine or cappuccino). We get take out from the Turkish restaurant Kebap House next to Burger Park (I like their humous, lentil soup and falafels). Delivery options besides the usual pizza and chinese seem to be scarce here but I was recently recommended Oishi Sushi ,  and best of all you can order on-line (12 euro min order) so no awkward phone conversation needed!

Any other suggestions greatly received!

Update – my neighbour uses this delivery service for his lunches and likes their food, you need to give them one day’s notice but there is no min order charge. The menu changes every day and has six  meals to chose from. This would have been a great idea when I was home with a newborn and no time to cook.