This year’s spring edition of the “Kneipenkult” series has concerts by local bands, who each chose a band to cover or a theme: John Mayer,
The velvet underground, 90ies Eurodance and David Guetta.
The bands have formed for just these concerts and don’t exist regularly. There are four concerts from Monday to Thursday in four different pubs.
The first week is over, this week they are at the Siekerfelde (a pub with great beer garden near the Stadtkrankenhaus), week 3 is at the “Heimat
und Hafen” on Stapenhorststrasse (a maritine themed smoker’s pub) and the last week at the Rockcafe in Neustädter Strasse (Altstadt, opposite
the Gravis  shop, near Galerie 61). All concerts start around 9 p.m., admission is free.