Kids Hairdresser?


I noticed in our blog search ‘kids hairdresser Bielefeld’ comes up frequently. I am actually on the hunt for one myself. As my 3 year old and 15 month old can barely see through their hair right now but I’m terrible with scissors. Does anyone have any recommendations for hairdressers who are good with kids? I will report back too if I find a good one.

Update – Haarwerkstatt,  Stapenhorststr. 43, 0521 7709596 did a nice job with our kids and they speak some English. They charge 1.50 euro per year of age up to 10 years, so a good deal if you have small kids.  You also also make an appointment on-line.

Bielefeld University Tandem Program

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I learnt about Bielefeld University’s Teutoburger World Tandem Program at the Welcome Center’s  international spouse and partner coffee morning (see post below). This is a great program if you are interested in having a conversational partner to speak German with. They recommend you are able to speak German at least around B1 level . The program is open to any native speaker of a foreign language who would like to be paired with a german student.  You also don’t have to live in Bielefeld to particpate as some students are happy to converse by Skype.

University Welcome Center

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The Welcome Center at Bielefeld University offers a wide range of services for visiting academics and their families. Eleni and her team offer a warm welcome and speak great English.  I recently attended their  international spouse & partners coffee morning which was really informative and a great way to meet other international spouses like myself. The next coffee morning will be April 11th 10 am, details will be on their website and you can also email welcome@uni-bielefeld.de if you would like to attend or with questions.

Doctors, Dentists …


One of the most asked questions is for English speaking doctors, dentists etc in Bielefeld.  Here is a great brochure which lists doctors and specialists who speak foreign languages in Bielefeld. Also below are my personal recommendations (all speak enough English for me to communicate with but you do need a few words of German to speak to the receptionists).

General Practioner: Dr Winter, Bahnhofstraße 42, 33602 Bielefeld
0521 5215100

Or if you are looking for a doctor in the Altstadt check out Coralie’s recommendations

Dentist:  Dr Zwanzig Mauerstr. 8 • 33602 Bielefeld 0521-178580 (the ‘older’ Dr Zwangiz Sr. is recommended)

Kids dentist  – Dr. Claudia Zöllner  Crüwellstrasse 15 • 33615 Bielefeld  0521-60444

Frauenartz (GYNO)

Dr Katrin Sander Voltmannstr. 158  33613 Bielefeld

Dr Anke Sklenarz Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 17
33615 Bielefeld 0521/104699  http://www.frauenaerzte.de/ankesklenarz

Hebamme (Midwife) Ulrike Bohnes-Berg
Siechenmarschstr. 32
33615 Bielefeld
Telefon: 0521 – 488160

Kinderartz (pedatrican) Dr Fasse   Wertherstraße 266 D-33619 Bielefeld  0521 101036

Hospital Franziskus  (Midwives and maternity ward were good, small friendly hospital. Doctors mostly speak english but not the nurses).

Kiskerstraße 26
33615 Bielefeld
Tel.: 0521 589-0

Guided hikes and bike tours


Spring starts and Sportbund Bielefeld (office on August-Bebel-Strasse near Pauluskirche and Kesselbrink, bus 27) offers guided walks,
bicycle tours and hikes in and around Bielefeld starting March 12th.
There are walks every 2nd and 4th Tuesday a month, starting a 2 p.m. until roundabout 4.30 p.m. at costs of 5 Euros (or 45 Euros
for all 10). They start at different tram stops around Bielefeld, the first one starts from “Lohmannshof” tram stop (line 4).
You should bring decent footwear, weatherproof clothes and something to eat or drink.
Page 17 of their  brochure has all the details or see:
Some sunday tours are aimed at families with children (see “Sommerwanderungen”, others focus on the Teutoburger forest and the beginning
“Bärlauch” (wild garlic) season.See their brochure (page 14-25)
You need to register as there are minimum (8-10) and maximum (20-24) numbers of participants.

Unplugged concerts in Bielefeld – Kneipenkult

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This year’s spring edition of the “Kneipenkult” series has concerts by local bands, who each chose a band to cover or a theme: John Mayer,
The velvet underground, 90ies Eurodance and David Guetta.
The bands have formed for just these concerts and don’t exist regularly. There are four concerts from Monday to Thursday in four different pubs.
The first week is over, this week they are at the Siekerfelde (a pub with great beer garden near the Stadtkrankenhaus), week 3 is at the “Heimat
und Hafen” on Stapenhorststrasse (a maritine themed smoker’s pub) and the last week at the Rockcafe in Neustädter Strasse (Altstadt, opposite
the Gravis  shop, near Galerie 61). All concerts start around 9 p.m., admission is free.

Renting movies from the University library

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The Bielefeld University library has a lot of DVDs available for patrons to rent, but you need to know how to get at them. You can’t go and browse the DVDs in person – you have to look up what you want and then bring your request to the desk (located in the ‘C’ section).

To find out what movies are on file, visit the online Katalog (http://katalog.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/cgi-bin/search.cgi?sprache=ENG&art=f). In the second field, select ‘call number’ and put in ‘na088.88’ (that’s a zero, not a letter ‘O’). If you just hit ‘search’ without adding any more information, you’ll come up with a list of every single DVD that the library owns, which is probably too extensive to be helpful. You can refine it by adding search terms to ‘all fields,’ such as “Hitchcock,” “Tarantino,” “Cary Grant” or “Pride and Prejudice.” It limits your options  to whatever you’re able to think of on your own (and then successfully find in stock), but we’ve watched some stuff that we wouldn’t have otherwise tried this way. If you’re stuck, you can check out a list like IMDB’s Top 250 for some search ideas.Anything we’ve rented that was originally in the English language was still in English, with the option for a German audio track.

Also, we have not had a DVD player in any of the apartments we’ve stayed in, but we bought one for 5 euros at the Saturday flea market. It’s a little noisy, but it hasn’t died on us yet, so I think  it’s a good option for short-term Bielefelders.

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