Looking for something to do on a weekend morning? Food may be a good option, especially if it’s a Sunday. We recently tried a great place for brunch (the Kachelhaus), so I wanted to share and see what other places we could gather for yummy brunch suggestions.

Kachelhaus – the Sonntagsbrunch Buffet is 15 euros, and it’s open until 3. You can also order individual dishes from the menu. The interior is really spacious and it didn’t get too loud, even though there were a fair number of customers there. My cappuccino was delicious, and we got a free plate of eggs – we’re still not sure why we got them, but they were really good!

Cafe Berlin – We like going here for both meals and drinks with friends, since the waitstaff are so nice. Many speak some English if you need help understanding the menu. We had one waitress who went out of her way to help us figure out what kind of eggs our friend was ordering – phrases like “sunny side up/Speigelei” are a good example of things that you don’t know that you don’t know until you’re in the moment where you need to know them 🙂 The website is currently down as of this posting, but they are located near Siegfriedplatz. I’m not sure if there is ever a brunch buffet or if they are open on Sundays, but they serve breakfast until 4. The menu includes “English breakfast,” bagel sandwiches and traditional German bread + meat + spreads.

Mellow Gold – no buffet, but breakfast served at the table. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Alex Brasserie – has both breakfast and brunch buffets. Two locations in Bielefeld – one across from the Rathaus and one in the Altstadt.

Bernstein (website plays music) – I haven’t eaten here, but many people have recommended it. Sunday brunch is open from 10-2:30. It’s 17 euros and includes a glass of Prosecco. It’s located in the same building as the SportSheck in Jahnplatz.

Milestones – Again, I have not yet had the Milestones brunch, but I’ve heard it’s great. It’s also a great place for drinks and dinner, especially during the summer months when you can eat outside.

What other places offer a good breakfast or brunch buffet?