As trailing spouses, we know what it’s like to arrive in Germany with little time to prepare and sometimes even zero knowledge of the language. To help, we’ve created this blog as a resource for all newcomers to Bielefeld. Though we are all learning German in one way or another, the working language of our group is English; to that end, we try to compile resources that are especially helpful for both foreign spouses and English-speakers. Often, we simply share recommendations and tips about places that we enjoy in the area. These may just be places where we’ve had good experiences, such as a local café, or they may also be places where English is spoken, such as doctor’s offices or other service providers. This isn’t intended to be an all-inclusive guide to Bielefeld; rather, we want to highlight what the “official” guides may miss, and put a special emphasis on what’s useful for a new foreigner to know. If you know of something great that we don’t have here, please leave us a comment! You can also send us an email to trailing.spouses (@)