The good news: Bielefeld does have an IKEA. The less-good news: it’s not the easiest to get to if you don’t have a car and are new to the area. I remember that we had to search on the internet for a long time and compile information from a few different websites before we came up with a plan for how to get there using public transport.

  • Take the number 1 tram towards Senne. Get off at Brackwede Kirche.
  • Walk down Hauptstrasse, continuing in the same direction that the tram was going.
  • Take the first right onto Berliner Strasse. On the right side of the street, you will see a waiting lane for buses. Hopefully yours is already there – it’s the 123 and it says IKEA on the marquee. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the driver, since “IKEA” is one of those great, internationally-recognized words.
  • It’s a short ride there (probably less than ten minutes). You’ll get off on the same side of the street as the IKEA. To go back to town afterwards, just wait at the same bus stop, since this line runs on a loop. It’s a slightly longer ride back.

It looks so easy when it’s written out in these short steps, but we had never taken the bus before and there is no way to tell where the bus stop actually is. We thought it would be right at the tram stop, but it’s actually hidden around a corner 🙂 We only went to IKEA once, on a Saturday, and it was not very crowded on the bus. I wouldn’t worry about not having room for your bags if you are planning on buying a lot. However, you can also do home delivery if you are buying larger furniture pieces. I’d recommend leaving early in the morning to allow some travel time and to avoid the crowds that only get bigger as the day goes on – the store opens at 10 am.

For more on how public transportation works in Bielefeld, see Reka’s recent post.