Coffee and Crafts in Bielefeld


We’ve recommended some of these places in a few other posts about coffee in Bielefeld, but I thought it might be nice to highlight a particularly cute kind of coffee shop here: one where you can sip your latte and take a look at crafts, craft supplies and home decorations for sale. I’ve never lived in a town that had coffee shops of this kind, but I’ve really enjoyed all of the ones I’ve been to so far in Bielefeld. Please add more in the comments if you know of them!

Koffie Met Gebak – Get coffee, a little lunch, some cake, and check out the cute things for sale next door. Below, some curry mango soup and chocolate cheesecake:

curry mango soup chocolate and cheese cake

Kafé Eigenwerk – Coffee, yarn, other knitting supplies, and cute ceramics.

Wald Stadt Kreativ Kafé – If you are a particularly crafty person, you can rent out a few shelves in the back room to sell your stuff. This one is near the Uni.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück Christmas Market (visited by Sam)

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On Saturday, we took a twenty minute train ride to the small town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück to check out their Christmas market. (The town is technically two parts, Rheda and Wiedenbrück. The Christmas market is located in Wiedenbrück and the train station is in Rheda. If you’ve come in on a train, you’ll want to take the 78 bus to the Ratskeller stop.)

IMG_1700 - Version 2

The Christmas market is nothing huge, but it’s a beautiful little town. These are the sorts of pictures everyone is looking for when you tell them you went to a quaint German village. It’s right out of a fairytale. A very cold fairytale.

IMG_1710 - Version 2







We stopped and got a little something to warm up. Glühwein with blueberries, chile con carne and potato cream soup.

blueberry gluehwein


Before we went, we were told that the lights were beautiful. As the sun started to set, we realized that the it wasn’t so much the lights in the market, but the lights decorating the whole area surrounding the market, that are a big deal. The sky was not too shabby, either.




It was bitterly cold – though maybe the ice on the water wheel gives that away.




Rheda-Wiedenbrück Christmas Market (visited by Rachel)

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Thanks to Grace’s suggestion, we visited the Christkindlmarkt in Rheda-Wiedenbrück last weekend (Nov 26 – Dec 23). It is a lovely market, small but nice stalls and lots of good things to eat. It also has a nice atmospheric setting surrounded by the wooden timbered medieval buildings. We enjoyed walking around the town admiring the old architecture. The main shops were also open on Sunday. A nice afternoon’s winter outing.

.IMG_0014IMG_0008IMG_0005 IMG_0011