One of the major milestones of living in a new country, especially one where you aren’t a native speaker of the language, is successfully getting a haircut. When I lived in Spain, I came home in tears and sporting a new mullet, so I know firsthand what a dangerous undertaking this can be. (At least this had nothing to do with my Spanish skills, and everything to do with the fact that Andalucians just love them some mullets). Both my husband and I have found that at hair salons in Bielefeld, the stylists are actually reluctant to cut away as much as you want them to. I had to insist at least three times that I really, really DID want it that short, even though it is getting cold here. At least there is little room for unfixable errors with this system of caution!


Your hair is a big part of who you are, as shown by a self-portrait from our recent TS art exhibition.

Here are some recommended places that we pulled out in a recent e-mail conversation, as well as my own recent success story. Please feel free to add more in the comments below.

Krügers Friseure (from Sam) – I was able to walk in and wait just a few minutes. I had Ellen, who was very sweet and did a great job. I don’t think she spoke any English, but I didn’t need to try. Everyone there spoke very clear and slow German; I think  they are used to dealing with a more elderly population, rather than the odd Auslander, but it worked in my favor. I’m not very picky about my hair and I can never describe what I want even in English, but I brought a couple of photos on my phone so that we wouldn’t have to discuss anything in too much detail. 27 euros for the cut and dry, and I think it would have been 21 for just the cut. They have a price list on the door outside, which is one of the main reasons we decided to go there 🙂

Toni & Guy (from Rachel)- Located in the Altstadt, closest to the Rathaus stop. It’s not super cheap, as a cut and dry with Michael (senior stylist) is 50 euros, but they all speak English and do a good job. You can find more info about the chain here.

Star Friseur 2  (from Patty) – It is a really cheap family-owned Turkish place at the Jahnplatz. They don’t speak much English, but I just bring a picture and they’re very nice about acting things out with their hands and trying to help. They don’t act irritated that we can’t speak German like some people do. Men are on the ground floor and women are upstairs. Both Billy and I have had good haircuts consistently there. Never had a color there, but watched another lady who did and it turned out very nice.