Things are heating up! Our exhibition is coming up at the end of the month…stay tuned!

Picture of identity


Things are really heating up here in Bielefeld, due to the upcoming exhibition/event Home is Where the He(art) is –An exhibition by the Trailing Spouses Art Collective, Bielefeld. Planning, printing, writing, editing, mailing, ringing, drawing, dreaming, agitating, meeting, begging… All the normal things that needs doing a month before an exhibition. What is fabulous though is that there are 12 people working on this so none of this work lands on one person.

This is what the exhibition is about:

In the exhibition, Home is where the He(Art) is, artworks explore the positive and negative aspects of constantly moving to a new place or new country using mediums ranging from photography, sculpture, installation and the written word.  The exhibition space itself is transformed into a domestic living space, suitcases rather than plinths display the work, for example. We want the visitor to feel at home, but also question…

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