Part 1 of ‘finding an apartment in Bielefeld’ was “what to expect”. Part 2 is “where to look”, and part 3 will be about issues you may have once you’ve found a place you want.  This is meant to be a collaborative post, so please participate in the poll and add comments!  If we make finding an apartment marginally less stressful for one person, we’ve accomplished a lot.

With the theme “where to look”, two things come to mind.  The first is the medium through which to find apartment listings.  Most of us will immediately gravitate toward the internet, but be aware: there are many online companies in Germany that have attractive listings and websites that can be navigated in English, but they will charge you a “finder’s fee” if you decide on one of their apartments.  This finder’s fee is not a day’s lunch money, either….it is typically more than two months’ rent.  I had a difficult time believing how much they charge for doing 5 minutes worth of work, but c’est la vie.  For my husband and I, these agencies became a last resort.  Thankfully, the age old practice of listing apartments in the newspaper is still alive and well.  There are other ways to find listings as well.  It’s about time for a poll:

The second part of the “where to look” theme is of course finding the best area in Bielefeld for your lifestyle.  Will you have a car?  Do you have children?  Where will you be working?  What are your hobbies?  My husband and I do not have a car or kids, we work at the university, and we prefer nature over the city.  Our apartment is located in Gellershagen right next to a bus stop, with farmland all around.  If you already live here, what aspect about your apartment closed the deal for you?  Is there anything about the location that would make you turn down a nice apartment?  Let us know in the comments.