September in Germany marks the beginning of all the wine and beer festivals.  A wonderful time of food and drink and smiles.  People of all nations come over to join in the festivities.  Now most of us have visions of men in lederhosen and women in dirndls and beer served in glasses bigger than your head.  Yes that is down south at Oktoberfest. But here up north has its own festivals and traditions and the beginning of September always means the Bielefeld Wine Fair and Festival, minus the funny pants.

Starting tomorrow (Sept. 4) and running through Sunday, over 20 different wineries will be selling wines from all over Germany with music and food on offer too. I recommend trying a little from each region, but definitely a glass of Federweisser.  It is traditionally a light, sweet wine with little bubbles that is only available in late summer/early autumn.  And do try the Flammkuchen, a yummy flatbread with ham and spring onions.

The weather forecast looks good this week, so take advantage and enjoy some of the tastes of the region.

Viel Spaß!