Last Saturday, my husband and I were walking through the Jahnplatz when we spotted some guys in American football uniforms!  They invited us to come see them play the next day.  This was exciting for us, as we didn’t realize anyone actually played American football here.  I’d finally gotten used to ‘football’ meaning ‘soccer’ in my mind, and accepted that nobody else in the world really cares anything about our sport.  But here they were!

Naturally, we went to the game.  They are called the Bielefeld Bulldogs, and their home base is Rußheide stadium, which is easily accessible by several bus lines.  Even though it was a rainy day, the stands were covered so it didn’t deter us.

The guy at the Jahnplatz was a recently-graduated American, who played in college and then moved over here to help grow the sport in Germany.  He told us that only 4 Americans are allowed on each team, and only 2 can be on the field at a time.  At the game, we noticed that the Americans are identified by a huge “A” on their jerseys, and on their helmets.  It actually felt a little weird to see that, being labelled and regulated like that.  I hope that if the sport grows over here and there’s more training for Germans, they won’t need to do that anymore.

We had so much fun!  The stands were packed, and our home team is currently undefeated!  They won 70:6, a score I’ve never seen before!  There were even cheerleaders.

Check out their website:  or their Facebook page:!/pages/Bielefeld-Bulldogs/

And if you’d like to come to a game, let me know!