There are a lot of place you can go in Bielefeld to have a coffee and a chit chat with friends. Here a few coffee places among my favorites:

  • M Kaffee in the Altstadt has a great selection of coffee and tee and also some very yummy snacks. I usually order a Milchkaffee or a Tiger Chai Tee. I spend a lot of time there because they have wifi and well-placed power sockets. Also for the price of a coffee (2.70 € for a small one) I can spend as long as I want checking my emails, browsing the net or working on my personal projects. You need a password to access the wifi, which can be found at the counter (on the left side of the cashier).

  • Mocca Klatsch up near the Bahnhofstr. is a very nice alternative for a coffee place with wifi. They also have delicious breakfasts and the owner is really friendly. One of my friends once didn’t have enough cash to pay for his dinner (this is also a restaurant/bar in the evening) and told the owner he would just run to the ATM and come back to pay. The owner told him not to worry about it and to pay whenever he comes back :-).

  • Starbucks near Jahnplatz: I use it on Sunday morning f I want to be out of my place to work on my laptop because M Kaffee doesn’t open before 1pm on Sunday and Mocca Klatsch is too busy with people going for brunch.
  • Puro Coffee can also be found at Jahnplatz. It has no wifi but the coffee is very good.