Piia’s favourite art galleries

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Artist Unlimited  http://www.artists-unlimited.de/

Bielefelder Kunstverein  http://www.bielefelder-kunstverein.de/


craft and knitting supplies

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Sam’s knitting supplies recommendations
Fast online delivery, though she is Bielefeld-based and offers pick-up as an option. More variety in brands than a lot of the “brick and mortar” knitting shops I’ve seen. Speaks English.

Cute store in the Altstadt. Owner doesn’t speak English but is very friendly.

Piia’s creative supplies recommendations

Idee creative markt http://www.idee-shop.de

Müller http://www.mueller.de

Piia’s favourite places to eat

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Cafes – Poission, Landgericht
Pubs – Koch, Siggies outside
Ice Cafes – Enger
Fish and Chips stall at Siggies Market
Child friendly – Wok & Roll

Andrea’s favourite places to eat

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-Milestones: arty
-RatsCafe: Nice view, delicious waffles
-Bernstein Café
-Knigge; a classic and everything is delicious
-Thalia Café: View of the City and its Janhplatz. You can shop books.
Cafe Casa
Pubs – Bunker Ulmenwall

Adventure Parks

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We found two great places to take kids for a fun day out. They both have low admission charges and are beautiful parks with lots of play areas, swimming pools, kids museum, animals etc.  There’s lots of different things for the kids to wear themselves out on while the parents picnic on the grass. Bring a change of clothes and a towel for the water play areas.

http://www.maximilianpark.de/  (50 mins from Bielefeld)

http://www.vier-jahreszeiten-park.de/ (30 mins from Bielefeld)

Rachel’s favourite kid friendly places to eat

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Glueckundseligkeit – A converted church with a fun modern atmosphere. There is a kids playroom, outdoor playground and they give out colouring paper and crayons.
Nichtschwimmer –  Modern. Nice outdoor eating area. Also has a kids playroom
Bultmanshof – Old farmhouse with a modern interior, has nice outdoor seating area overlooking a pond and park. Has a good sandpit & toys outside and an indoors playroom.


Cafe milestones – good brunch place, most reminds me of the brunch places in the US.
Bauernhause Museum – has a selection of great cakes and a nice outdoors seating area, sandpit for the kids and you don’t need to pay admission if you’re only visiting the cafe.

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