I read a lot of my books on my e-reader and have library cards from my hometown in the UK and also where I used to live in the US. So it’s well worth finding out if your library in your home country has e-books you can check out over the internet. The Bielefeld University library has a good selection of English books and other languages. The Bielefeld town library Stadtbibliothek www.stadtbibliothekbielefeld.de also has small selection of foreign books plus a children’s section. They have DVDs too (usually offer a choice of languages).

For foreign TV, it’s possible to get a satellite installed to pick up for example English TV. You can also get a VPN service on your computer, I use https://www.witopia.net/, which gives you IP addresses in 30 different countries. You can then view on-line programs which are usually restricted by country, for example the BBC and ITV in the UK, or US stations like ABC, NBC etc.